Gianpaolo Bucci Video Artist
Gianpaolo Bucci, Video Artist
Gianpaolo Bucci is a creative from Italy, engaged in projects of social impact worldwide.

He is a Lecturer for BA (Hons) Television and Live Events Production at London College of Communication.
After a decade working for Radiotelevisione Italiana (RAI) on a wide variety of programmes - talk shows, sitcoms, news, game shows, magazines, reality, cooking shows - Gianpaolo set up the creative agency Balobeshayi, focusing on sensitive topics of international relevance. Among his projects are two feature films, several short films, and documentaries.
Collaborating with both academics and NGOs, Gianpaolo devotes himself to projects that can make a difference to the way we perceive the world and others.

His documentary series (IN)VISIBLE CITIES, looks at African migrant communities settled in different cities of the world. The first two episodes were filmed in Cardiff, Los Angeles, New York, and Istanbul.
Gianpaolo framed part of his work in a PhD in Creative and Critical Practice. His investigation spans from issues of media representation of marginalised groups to the application of participatory documentary methods to NGO videos.