Gianpaolo Bucci Video Artist
Gianpaolo Bucci, Video Artist
Gianpaolo Bucci is an Italian social issues-focused filmmaker active worldwide.

During the last decade, he has worked not only for RAI Radiotelevisione Italiana but also developed a broad range of independent projects and theatrical releases. In recent years, he moved first to London to work with a VII photographer and a BBC journalist on social reportages and documentaries; then to Los Angeles, where he was invited for an artist residency at the 18th Street Arts Center to work on the documentary series (IN)VISIBLE CITIES; finally to Rome for collaborating with the Italian NGO Azione per un Mondo Unito, whose development projects all over the world are the subject of his last documentaries.

He returned to the UK in September 2016 for a PhD in Creative and Critical Practice at the University of Sussex.

The most popular among his projects is: (IN)VISIBLE CITIES , a documentary series about African migrants communities settled in 13 different cities of the world. The first episode was filmed in Cardiff, Los Angeles and New York, finally ending up in the cosmopolitan Istanbul.
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